Company History

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Company History

Lincoln Electric is the world leader in design, development, and manufacture of arc welding products

Lincoln Electric has a leading global position in robotic arc-welding systems,plasma and oxyfuel cutting equipment and in the brazing and soldering alloys market.

Lincoln Electric Company (India) Pvt. Ltd was established with a Regional Office in Mumbai in 1997. And in 2009, the Company built a state of art manufacturing facility located at Mahindra World City, Chennai and commenced production from May 2009.

Manufacturing facility

Training Center

Manufacturing processes

Lincoln India's value added services

This is the largest wire manufacturing facility in India and Lincoln India is currently the market leader in wires. LE India also sells equipment and other products made in its factories overseas.

In addition, Lincoln India also has a fully equipped Training Center to meet our customer requirements in Demonstrations, Application support & Training.

Lincoln adds value to its customers through its state of art manufacturing processes and also through the welding support it provides.

Lincoln India's value added services include training of welders and welding engineers, development and support of applications, handholding support on the shop floor and consultancy in reducing welding costs. For this, apart from the manufacturing facility, Lincoln has a fully equipped welding technology center and training facility.