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Top Features

  • Attractive as the "one-flux" in the shop
  • Very good results in semi-automatic submerged arc welding
  • Very good operating characteristics (deslagging - wash in - aspect)

Consumables Details

961 is dedicated to the steel structure manufacturing and more specificaly on fillet weld with high current and multiple arcs. Wetting as well as his good resistance to the surface conditions makes it very effective on the general pupose steel structure workshop.


  • Single and multiple pass welding
  • Fillet and butt welds with unlimited plate thickness
  • Can weld steel with heavy scale or rust when used with L-50M wire

  • AWS A5.17/A5.23

  • F7A2-EM12K
  • F7A2-EH12K
  • F7A2-EA2
  • F6A2-EL12